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There's gold on the streets!


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Powerup Capital Review #71

It's been 3 years since Kishore M started teaching forex to the masses. And yet, his forex lessons continue to capture the attention of thousands of people who are eager to make money successfully in forex trading. Look at this engaging talk presented in a financial semimar held in Singapore not long ago:

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Powerup Capital Review #70

We are Powerup Capital Review. Welcome to our world. A world of possibilities, a world of learning, a world of understanding. A take charge world. Through us, people of all walks of life, from around the globe have a shot at their dreams. See, we are not just a company, we are a awakener. We are a teacher. We are a community builder... an empowerer that has changed lives, and is resolute to keep changing lives for decades to come. We won’t stop. We are Powerup Capital Review and our mission on this earth is to elevate the financial well being of humanity.

Is our task daunting? Hell, yes. Are we afraid? At times. But we don’t allow fear to stop us. Because Powerup Capital Review thrives on leaps of faith. These leaps are the fires that ignite us and the catalysts of change. And with change comes growth. We believe following the status quo is what got so many people into the mess they are in. It’s going to take unwavering, fearless actions and words to awaken the hearts and minds of people who unknowingly have been following the blind, with the hope and belief that they have been following the enlightened. 

We know otherwise. We’ve lived through the lies and have seen the future with our own eyes. We are Powerup Capital Review and we don’t believe hope gets anyone anywhere. Why hope when you can learn, understand, take action, achieve results and get stronger? We are not a helper. We are a teacher, a tough teacher that some won’t be able to handle. We don’t mince words, we rock most boats, we profess action, and we demand hard work today for freedom and happiness tomorrow. But we also simplify the path and keep it fun, entertaining, experiential, and unforgettable. That’s what good teachers do. 

We know some people won’t step up. They are simply too lazy, too scared, too comfortable, or are basking in the lull of false security to take charge of their lives. Some will come around. And when they do, we’ll be there with lots of entry points: Books they can read. Videos they can watch. Seminars they can attend. Coaches they can hire – just to name a few. We have many doors, and every one of them is open to the willing, no matter their standing in life. Taking control all starts with a dream. 

Like those whom we teach, we are learning and growing, too. We recognize that finding true happiness means expanding beyond a mission of financial well-being to a mission of complete well-being: in health and wellness, spiritual awakening, philanthropy, business building, and purpose. In essence, a Rich Life. And that is our next transformation. Because if we are not growing, then we are dying. Those who have transformed their lives through us, have tremendous stories to tell. They are stories of strength, optimism, power, spirit, and winning. These people are going beyond the basics of wealth principles. They are emerging into The Rich Life, and so are we.


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A message from Kishore M


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8 hugs a day

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Good advice from Kim Kiyosaki


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Inequality between the rich and the poor.

Financial education will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor to bring forth better well being among humans. This is one of the main goals of Powerup Capital Review.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Introducing Kechara Soup Kitchen

Dato’ Ruby Khong, President of Kechara Soup Kitchen, was recently invited to Bernama TV to speak about charity, philanthropy and doing more for others.

More info here.


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Kishore M's New Autotrend Forecast Expert Review

What if you could forecast trends?

Wouldn't you be able to make consistent profits if you possess this ability?

With over 10 years of trading experience, not to mention that his success
was also featured on Bloomberg, BBC interviews, Kishore M has
condensed the capability to forecast market trends into an automated software.

Now with this automated system, you can profit from the Forex market just like many Forex trading top guns.

Introducing the Auto Forecast Expert system.

Email us for an immediate USD20 discount ---->


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What is a barefoot college??

Sanjit “Bunker” Roy is the founder of Barefoot College, which helps rural communities becomes self-sufficient.

Development projects the world over run into one crucial point: For a project to live on, it needs to be organic, owned and sustained by those it serves. In 1972, Sanjit “Bunker” Roy founded the Barefoot College, in the village of Tilonia in Rajasthan, India, with just this mission: to provide basic services and solutions in rural communities with the objective of making them self-sufficient. These “barefoot solutions” can be broadly categorized into solar energy, water, education, health care, rural handicrafts, people’s action, communication, women’s empowerment and wasteland development. The Barefoot College education program, for instance, teaches literacy and also skills, encouraging learning-by-doing. (Literacy is only part of it.) Bunker’s organization has also successfully trained grandmothers from Africa and the Himalayan region to be solar engineers so they can bring electricity to their remote villages.

As he says, Barefoot College is "a place of learning and unlearning: where the teacher is the learner and the learner is the teacher."

"Roy's idea is that India and Africa are full of people with skills, knowledge and resourcefulness who are not recognised as engineers, architects or water experts but who can bring more to communities than governments or big businesses."



Monday, October 17, 2011

Riots and protests around the world, what does this mean?

ROME (Reuters) - Demonstrators rallied on Saturday across the world to accuse bankers and politicians of wrecking economies, but only in Rome did the global "day of rage" erupt into violence.

Galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protests began in New Zealand, rippled east to Europe and were expected to return to their starting point in New York. Demonstrations touched most European capitals and other cities.

They coincided with the Group of 20 meeting in Paris, where finance ministers and central bankers from the major economies were holding crisis talks.

While most rallies were small and barely held up traffic, the Rome event drew tens of thousands of people and snaked through the city centre for kilometres (miles).

Some protesters in masks and helmets set fire to cars, smashed the windows of stores and banks and trashed offices of the defence ministry. Police fired water cannon at demonstrators who were hurling rocks, bottles and fireworks.

Smoke bombs set off by the protesters cast a pall over a sea of red flags and banners bearing slogans attacking economic policies the protesters say are hurting the poor most. The violence sent many demonstrators running into hotels for safety.


In contrast, small and peaceful rallies got the ball rolling across the Asia-Pacific region on Saturday. In Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city, 3,000 people chanted and banged drums, denouncing corporate greed.

About 200 gathered in the capital Wellington and 50 in a park in the earthquake-hit southern city of Christchurch.

In Sydney, about 2,000 people, including representatives of Aboriginal groups, communists and trade unionists, protested outside the central Reserve Bank of Australia.

Hundreds marched in Tokyo, including anti-nuclear protesters. In Manila a few dozen marched on the U.S. embassy waving banners reading: "Down with U.S. imperialism" and "Philippines not for sale".

More than 100 people gathered at the Taipei stock exchange, chanting "we are Taiwan's 99 percent", and saying economic growth had only benefited companies while middle-class salaries barely covered soaring housing, education and health care costs.

They found support from a top businessman, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC) Chairman Morris Chang.

"I've been against the gap between rich and poor," Chang said in the northern city of Hsinchu. "The wealth of the top one percent has increased very fast in the past 20 or 30 years. 'Occupy Wall Street' is a reaction to that."

In Paris protests coincided with the G20 finance chiefs' meeting there. In the working class neighbourhood of Belleville, drummers, trumpeters and a tuba revved up a crowd of a few hundred that began to march to the city hall.

"This is potentially the start of a strong movement," said Olivier Milleron, a doctor whose group of trumpeters played the classic American folk song "This land is your land".

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Waitress Tiodhilde Fernagu, 26, took a day off work to attend. "For the first time in France there is a uniquely citizens' movement" outside party politics, she said.


The Rome protesters, who called themselves "the indignant ones", included unemployed, students and pensioners.

"I am here to show support for those don't have enough money to make it to the next paycheque while the ECB (European Central Bank) keeps feeding the banks and killing workers and families," said Danila Cucunia, a 43-year-old teacher from northern Italy.

"At the global level, we can't carry on any more with public debt that wasn't created by us but by thieving governments, corrupt banks and speculators who don't give a damn about us," said Nicla Crippa, 49.

"They caused this international crisis and are still profiting from it. They should pay for it."

In imitation of the occupation of Zuccotti Park near Wall Street in Manhattan, protesters have been camped out across the street from the headquarters of the Bank of Italy for days.

The worldwide protests were a response in part to calls by the New York demonstrators for more people to join them. Their example has prompted calls for similar occupations in dozens of U.S. cities from Saturday.

In Madrid, seven marches were planned to merge in Cibeles square at 1600 GMT and then head to the central Puerta de Sol.

In Germany, where sympathy for southern Europe's debt troubles is not widespread, thousands gathered in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and outside the ECB in Frankfurt, called by the Real Democracy Now movement.

Demonstrators gathered peacefully in Paradeplatz, the main square in the Swiss financial centre of Zurich.

In London, several hundred people assembled outside London's St Paul's Cathedral for a protest dubbed "Occupy the London Stock Exchange". Several hundred people protested in Vienna, Sweden and Helsinki.

Greek protesters called an anti-austerity rally for Saturday in Athens' Syntagma Square.

"What is happening (debt-driven financial meltdown) in Greece now is the nightmare awaiting other countries in the future. Solidarity is the people's weapon," the Real Democracy group said.

(Additional reporting by Catherine Hornby in Rome, Naomi O'Leary and Michael Holden, in London, Natalia Drozdiak in Berlin and Alexandria Sage in Paris; Writing by Andrew Roche; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

Copyright © 2011 Reuters

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A beautiful story to share with you today.

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

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Who is Michael Bock?

Michael is a student of Kishore M who has attended Kishore's live seminars as well as learning from his online courses. One of Michael's best records is making $150,000 in just 3 months with a start up capital of $750 using Kishore's Instant Pip Profits & Pip Maximizer strategies. He is now a full-time trader. Following his success, Michael would like to share his review of Kishore's best-selling online Forex course, Instant FX Profits, with the hope of benefiting many other aspiring traders


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Thank you Steve Jobs. You will be remembered always.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Powerup Capital Review #67


More and more success stories from all over the web!

We scanned the internet and found more testimonials and success stories from students who have benefitted from Kishore's forex course:

Check it out!

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Basics of forex trading for newcomers brought to you by Kishore M

If you like the rest of this video series, subscribe here.

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We read this book and we highly recommend it!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Understanding the debt crisis that is coming

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim Friends!

Here's something for you for the holidays!

Monday, August 15, 2011

As seen in the papers!

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Powerup Capital Review #66

Charts that make money by Kishore Mirchumal Mansinghani
View more presentations from Powerup Capital.

This presentation is a bonus for you for just by being here!

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Powerup Capital Review #65

Alot of our subscribers had asked us to explain about the types of products offered by Kishore M. 

They would like to know the differences of each product and why there are various pricing for each product. 

Some even worry if these many products are truly coming from Kishore M or not.

This article will provide an overview of the products offered by Kishore M. This will be a clarification on the confusion that is going around in the internet about what Kishore M's products are all about.

Kishore M has 4 best selling products available on the internet.

The first product is Instant FX profits which costs USD998. This instant FX Profits course is a COMPLETE forex trading course where a new member will learn the basics of forex trading and will be given proven strategies to profit from the forex market immediately. Indicators would be given in this package to help traders trade semi-automatically. This forex course will contain videos to guide a new forex trader step by step from beginning to expert. It is a complete home learning course just like how online MBAs are delivered. This forex learning course is to shorten the learning curve of a beginner instead of spending days and years learning by himself/herself.

The second product offered by Kishore M is called QuantumFX pro.

Quantum FX pro is also a forex learning course but is priced at an extremely low price of USD47 that comes with a 60day money back guarantee. This Quantum FX pro course is actually a short version of the Instant FX profits course and only teaches a new forex trader some basics and 1 strategy to profit from the forex market. Sometimes, new forex traders do not wish to commit USD988 for Instant FX Profits, so they are recommended to try out Quantum FX pro first.

The third product offered by Kishore M is called Fortune Forex Signals.

Forex fortune signals is a membership product where advanced forex traders who already know how to trade forex use the correct profitable signals offered by Kishore M for a price of USD97/month. Subscribers of this
product will only need to key in the signals given by Kishore into thier Metatrader system and profit directly from the signals. 

The fourth product is called The Millionaire Code.

The Millionaire Code is an online course that teaches new investors how to trade forex, stocks, options and real estate. This program is an online course that offers a total learning experience on how to make money that uses proven strategies used by professional investors.

Hope this helps.

Powerup Capital Review

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Sometimes, all we need is a little push.

Thank you Tony!

What is education today?

This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award.

For more information on Sir Ken's work visit:

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Kishore M's Auto Trend Forecast Indicator

Limited-copies of a brand new bonus: Auto Trend Forecast
will be given to next 50 people who sign up for the
Instant FX Profits online course:

It is for 50 lucky people who are fast-action takers.

Act fast & you win in life.

Auto Trend Forecast is a secret indicator that can help you
to generate 175+ pips a day to your trading account.

You do NOT even need to know when to buy & sell. The system will
indicate to you.

Be the next 50 people who sign up for my InstantFxProfits
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Enjoy massive-daily-profit starting from today:

 This is how the Auto Trend Forecast Indicator looks like:

The indicator works for both forex and stock charts in MT4.

Very easy to use. Just follow green to buy and red to sell!

Remember, the 20% discount is still valid.

Email us below to get your 20% discount immediately.

Warmest Regards,

Powerup Capital Review

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is the world ready for online learning?

Over the past decade or so, the Internet has become a huge source of information and education, especially for those who might be short on time, money or other resources.

And it’s not just crowdsourced data collections like Wikipedia or single-topic blogs that encourage individual learning; huge corporations and nonprofits are making online education and virtual classrooms a very formal affair these days.

From the first online classes (which were conducted by the University of Phoenix in 1989) to the present day, when online education is a $34 billion industry, more and more students are finding new life and career education opportunities online.

Check out this infographic from about how the world of online learning has changed and grown over the years.

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education


Why do people teach forex trading to others?

Powerup Capital Review #64

In conjunction with The Great Singapore Sale 2011, we are giving away a 20% discount on Kishore's Instant FX Profits to the first lucky 20 people who sign up.

This promotion ends on 25th July 2011.

Here are samples of what Instant FX Profits is all about.

1) The membership site and its contents:

2) Sample videos from the course and what you will learn:

3) The offline course held in Kuala Lumpur costs RM4800 for 2 days. The same offline course held in Singapore costs SGD328 x 12 months. The cost of this online course (with the same offline content) after discount is  USD798 which comes up to only RM2394.

Now that's a bargain!

Hurry and sign up now before this promotion ends on 25th July 2011!

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The importance of having a physical office

There had been many clients who had purchased the online course but still would like to have physical contact with Kishore and his representatives.

Here are the addresses of the offices of Powerup Capital in case you would like to talk to someone about the course. You may also drop by the offices to meet with other students after your working hours. However, please bring along your online receipt as proof of purchase of the forex course.


PowerUp Capital Network Pte Ltd
111 North Bridge Road #05-02
Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179 098
Tel: 65-6473 5343
Fax: 65-6423 1201

Malaysia Office:

Powerup Capital Network Sdn. Bhd.
Unit No.203, 2nd Floor, Block C,
Damansara Intan, No.1, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya.

Tel : +603-7725 9410
Tel : +603-7722 2904

Fax: 65-6423 1201

Hongkong Office:
PowerUp Capital Network (Hongkong) Ltd
No 301 Kam On Building
176 Queen's Road Central,
Central Hongkong

Dubai Office:
PowerUp Capital Network FZ-L.L.C.
Knowledge Village
Open office 45
Dubai PO BOX 502221 UAE

Indonesia Office:
City Lofts Sudirman, Jl. K.H,
Mas Mansyur No. 121 Lt. 9/15
Jakarta, Indonesia

United Kingdom Office:
PowerUp Capital Network Limited
Suite B, 29 Harley Street
London United Kingdom W1G9QR

We're here to stay and will always be there to support you.

- Powerup Capital Review Team

Some information on safe E-Commerce today

Powerup Capital Review #63

View more documents from Powerup Capital.

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How to not lose money in stocks

If you're buying shares. Make sure you are buying value and not price.

After all, why should you buy a overpriced share?? It's suicide.

What? Pray and hope for a overpriced share to go higher?

Buy high and sell higher?? Good luck.

But what if.

Just what if, you found out that there were some wonderful companies that were going on sale?

What if their share price was valued lower than their market price? ;)

Wouldn't that be something?

Well, it made Warren Buffet what he is today....

It's one secret that most of us were not taught in school or even at home...or maybe this secret was out in the open after all but we missed it. Some chose to ignore it.


This is how the enterprise value of a company is calculated. Very interesting video really. Make sure you sit through the whole thing.

This is how this guy made it big in stock investing:

This is what he said about buying stocks that were falling in price. Kinda mind boggling really.

And yeah, about leverage, there's such a thing as good debt and bad debt.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who is Phil Town? How can he help you?

For amateur investors who admire the incredible returns produced by Benjamin Graham–Warren Buffett–style value investing but can't figure out how to replicate these billionaires' methods at home, Town's investment guide is manna from heaven.

A former river-rafting guide, Town learned how to calculate such crucial numbers as Return on Investment Capital and Equity Growth Rate from "Wolf," a wealthy rafter whom Town saved from a rapid in 1980. Under Wolf's tutelage, Town learned how to turn $1,000 into $1 million in five years, but the selection of lucrative stocks took weeks of library research. In this engaging and accessible book, Town shows readers how to replicate that sort of exhaustive market research on the Internet—and shorten the research time to just a few hours per stock.

Fans of The Intelligent Investor will recognize that Town's Rule #1 formula—"

1) Find a wonderful business,
2) Know what it's worth as a business,
3) Buy it at 50 percent off,
4) Repeat until very rich"—

is a variation of Benjamin Graham's investment philosophy. (Graham and Buffett are cited heavily throughout the book.)

But Town's ability to break down that philosophy into a detailed, step-by-step program that can be understood by any reader with basic math skills is unique.

His chummy, reassuring tone ("If you're finding yourself already a bit overwhelmed, take a deep breath") will leave readers feeling empowered and ready to manage their money themselves.

Phil Town’s first book, the #1 New York Times bestseller Rule #1, was a guide to stock trading for people who believe they lack the knowledge to trade.  But because many people aren’t ready to go from mutual funds directly into trading without understanding investing—for the long term – he created Payback Time.

Too often, people see long-term investing as “mutual fund contributing” – otherwise known as “long-term hoping.”  But the sad truth is that mutual fund investors are, to a stunning degree, pinning their hopes on an institution that is hopeless.  It turns out that only 4% of fund managers consistently beat the S&P 500 index over the long term, which means that 96% of fund investors see a smaller return on their nest egg than a chimpanzee who simply buys stocks in the 500 biggest companies in America and watches what happens.

But it’s worse than that.  The net effect of hitching your wagon to mutual funds is that over a lifetime they’ll fritter away as much 60% of your nest egg in fees.  Once you understand how funds engineer this, you’ll rush  to invest on your own.

Payback Time’s risk-free approach is called “stockpiling” and it’s how billionaires get rich in bad markets.  It’s a set of rules for investing (not trading but investing) in the right businesses at the right time -- rules that will ensure you make the big money. 

Inspired by Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis is one of Britain's best known self-made entrepreneurs. He was born in Kingston-upon-Thames in 1947. After leaving Harrow College of Art, Dennis claims to have wasted a great deal of time playing in R&B bands.

In 1971 he was imprisoned as a co-editor of Oz magazine at the culmination of the longest conspiracy trial in English history. Dennis at this time recorded a single with John Lennon to raise money for a legal defence fund.
Following acquittal by the Court of Appeal, Dennis went on to found his own magazine publishing company in 1973. Success came early with Kung Fu monthly making over £60,000 (a small fortune in 1974) aided by the rising popularity of martial artist Bruce Lee. The then small company also managed to break into the US where others had failed.

For Dennis, a crucial observation was the emergence of personal computers. He set up Personal Computer World which he later sold to VNU, and MacUser which he sold to Ziff Davis Publishing in the mid-eighties. He also co-founded MicroWarehouse, a $2 billion computer mail order company which eventually went public on the NASDAQ and formed the bulk of his personal wealth.

In 2001, following a second life-threatening illness, Dennis took up poetry. Within a year, he wrote his first book of verse A Glass Half Full, published by Hutchinson in the UK. The launch of this book was accompanied by the first of Dennis's UK-wide poetry reading tours entitled “Did I Mention the Free Wine?” Audiences are offered fine French wine from Dennis’s cellar whilst watching Dennis perform his poetry on stage.

Within seven years, he has become one of the biggest selling poets of original verse in recent times, and his poetry has been featured on radio interviews, in the national press and the subject of two major television documentaries.

Dennis remains the owner of Dennis Publishing, a privately owned company with headquarters in both London and New York City. It has over 50 magazine titles, digital magazines, websites and mobile sites in the UK including The Week, Monkey, Auto Express, PC Pro and Viz. Its flagship brand The Week is also published in the US and Australia.

This is an excerpt from his bestseller: How To Get Rich

"Nearly all the great fortunes acquired by entrepreneurs arose because they had nothing to lose. Nobody had bothered to tell them that such and such a thing could not be done or would be likely to fail. Or if they had been told, then they weren't listening. They were too busy proving those around them wrong - without even meaning to." - Felix Dennis

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Non Farm Payroll trade

Nonfarm payroll employment is an influential statistic and economic indicator released monthly by the United States Department of Labor as part of a comprehensive report on the state of the labor market.

It is a compiled name for goods-producing, construction and manufacturing companies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases preliminary data on the third Friday after the conclusion of the reference week, i.e., the week which includes the 12th of the month, at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time;

typically this date occurs on the first Friday of the month. Nonfarm payroll is included in the monthly Employment Situation or informally the jobs report and affects the US dollar, the Foreign exchange market, the bond market, and the stock market.

The figure released is the change in nonfarm payrolls (NFP), compared to the previous month, and is usually between +10,000 and +250,000 during non-recessional times. The NFP number is meant to represent the number of jobs added or lost in the economy over the last month, not including jobs relating to the farming industry.

While the overall number of jobs added or lost in the economy is obviously an important current indicator of what the economic situation is, the report also includes several other pieces of data that can move financial markets:

1. What the unemployment rate is in the economy as a percentage of the overall workforce. This is an important part of the report as the amount of people out of work is a good indication of the overall health of the economy, and this is a number that is watched by the Fed as when it becomes low (generally anything below 5%) inflation is expected to start to creep up as businesses have to pay up to hire good workers and increase prices as a result. This initial rise in prices may mean that workers demand higher wages (especially as the economy reaches full employment) causing further inflation. In macroeconomics, this is known as the price/wage spiral.

2. Which sectors the increase or decrease in jobs came from. This can give traders a heads up on which sectors of the economy may be primed for growth as companies in those sectors such as housing add jobs.

3. Average hourly earnings. This is an important component because if the same number of people are employed but are earning more or less money for that work, this has basically the same effect as if people had been added or subtracted from the labor force.

4. Revisions of previous nonfarm payrolls releases. An important component of the report which can move markets as traders re-price growth expectations based on the revision to the previous number.

In forex, the level of actual non-farm payroll compared to payroll estimates is taken very seriously. If the actual data comes in lower than economists' estimates, forex traders will usually sell U.S. dollars in anticipation of a weakening currency. The opposite is true when the data is higher than economists' expectations.

Watch how Kishore M Trades the Non - Farm Payroll

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As seen in the papers today

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do we understand our investors? How?

The biggest challenge with applying Maslow’s theory of human motivation is convincing yourself that all investors are human. 

While investors often are seen as robots who are only focused on profits and the bottom-line, they have a collection of other needs as well and great companies and entrepreneurs are able to use this pyramid to understand the survival needs (having transactional alignment on the business plan) and the success needs (having relationship alignment with the recognition that this is a long-term collaboration). 

There are investors who feel self-actualized as a result of putting their money where their heart is. We call these legacy investors and they have pride of ownership associated with making an investment that has returns or results beyond their own personal needs.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

All you need to know about the beginnings of Kishore M

Interesting video

Powerup Capital Review #62

We would like to share with you on how to use the Forex Fractal Indicator, part of MT4 Indicators.

The Technical Analysis Forex Indicator, FRACTAL, allows us to identify changing points in the Forex market direction.

The rules to identify Fractals are:
  • Bearish Fractal:  It happens when there is a figure with a Candlestick in between that has the maximum top and two maximum lows to each side.
  • Bullish Fractal:  It happens when there is a figure with a Candlestick in between that has a minimum low and two minimum tops to each side.  
Fractals are important to trace trend lines in the Forex market.  When we join two fractals we can identify key Supports and Resistance in the market.

View more presentations from Powerup Capital.

This is how you add the indicator in MT4.

Closely Guarded 100% Accuracry Forex Strategy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

As seen in the newspapers

Remember there will be a USD150 discount for the online version. Email us for more info. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Powerup Capital Review #61

Hi this is Nadira from Kuala Lumpur. I’m a graphics designer and a single mother of a 8 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. That is a picture of us taken during last Raya at my parent's house in Melaka.

I recently purchased Kishore’s Instant FX profits and would like to share my opinion on this course. I thank Robert, the Marketing Manager for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

Kishore’s Instant FX profits course is everything people say it is. This course taught me about the basics of forex trading all the way to real profitable strategies like the Instant Pip technique and the Pip Maximizer technique. These strategies are what professional traders in banks use in their everyday trades.

What I value most about this course is that Kishore stressed a lot about money management in our forex trading account. For example, he advised me to only risk 2% the most in a day in my trades so that I do not wipe out my account very fast. One of the keys to becoming profitable in forex trading is money management besides having good reward to risk ratio in the strategies.

I purchased this course now because the USD to Ringgit exchange rate is the best in history today. For every USD 1, I only need to pay RM2.97 compared to RM3.3 one year ago.

The course fees for Kishore’s Instant FX profits are USD998 and I only need to pay RM2964 compared to RM3293 last year. That’s RM329 of savings!  I thank Kishore for not increasing the course fee after all these years.

Besides, they are giving me a USD150 discount when I purchase the 1 year membership. This discount is only for students who sign up in the online course compared to the offline course.

So my total cost for this course is only RM2518 for the whole year. That comes up to only RM209 per month or RM6.96 per day!

That’s less than what I pay for toll in KL everyday. I have yet to include the money spent on transportation fees if I were to attend the live seminar.

I like to learn forex online because I am a working mother. I only have 2 hours a day after work and instead of watching television, I use the same amount of time to learn forex online from Kishore and honestly, I have benefited so much. My trading had improved a lot. The money that I profited is for my kid's education.

So my dear friends, I encourage you to join now if you would like to change your life by trading forex as I have done the same for myself and my children.

I am very happy for being part of Kishore’s Instant FX Profits course and it is money and time well spent.

Thank you.

Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit continued its upward momentum against the US dollar Wednesday to close at 2.97, another new 13-year high, dealers said.
The ringgit ended at 2.9780/9801 from Tuesday's 2.9905/9925 close and remained firm at its strongest level since Oct 9, 1997.
The stronger ringgit was again in line with Asian currencies on continuing speculation that central banks in the region would raise interest rates to cool inflation.
Higher interest rates would attract foreign investors due to the higher yield.
Bank Negara, which has kept its overnight rate at 2.75% since last July after raising it three times earlier in 2010, will hold the next monetary policy committee meeting on May 5. - Bernama

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The difference between the live seminar and the online seminar

Many have asked us about the date and time for the live seminar held by Kishore.

From our resources, these are the times for the live seminars.

However please take note that there will not be any USD150 discount for the live seminars.

The USD150 discount is only for the online version of the exact same seminars.

The online seminar is available here.

For more information about the discount, click here.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Chong Boon Eng
Senior Marketing Manager
Powerup Capital Review

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Powerup Capital Review #60

Do you have a strategy to control your emotions while trading?

Do you understand the psychology of a trader?

How do you control your emotions while trading?

We would like to show you some strategies to control yourself during trading.

This info is brought to you exclusively by members of Kishore M's Instant FX profits.

Closely Guarded 100% Accuracry Forex Strategy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Why are companies getting more compassionate now? Is compassion profitable?

Who is this guy?

Who is Kishore M?

Kishore M (B.COM, MBA, CEP (IIT), ADSM) has over a decade of experience in the Stock , Properties, Forex, Commodities & Derivatives Market. He received Master in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University USA earlier known as New Hampshire College , Mastering Alternative Investments Certificate from INSEAD, his Advance Diploma in Computer Systems Management from NIIT and a certificate in Computer Network & Internet Applications from IIT kharagpur.
He is a certified Investment Representative, ETS Derivatives Qualified Trader. He is trained by Chicago Board of Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange Members in Derivatives Instruments on Options & Futures Trading, and formally educated in Derivatives instruments from the University of California Berkeley (Ext), USA .

He started his career with a Securities Broking Firm on the OTCEI exchange as a Private fund & Equity Manager, managing portfolio for high net worth individuals and subsequently headed several startups in Asia and in US ( Silicon Valley ). He has conducted Stock & Derivatives seminars for International Brokers such as REFCO based in Singapore and Regional brokers such as CIMB based in Malaysia.

He is the author of best selling book - "Retire Rich Trading" and his articles have appeared several times in Singapore Stock Exchange Magazine and he has been featured several times in Indonesia (Jawa Pos) & Middle east Newspaper (Khaleej Times).

He has also been featured in Bloomberg TV, BBC, Malaysia Business TV Channel & Singapore Channel NewsAsia , News Radio 93.8 FM, Asian Banker Journal, and on Global Hedge Fund websites such as Hedge fund Center, HedgeWeek, HedgeFund Research and Hedge Funds World .
His Entrepreneurial skills has won him the TII status Award(Technopreneur Investment Incentive Status) from EDB Singapore Government. He is an active member of TiE world's leading Venture Capital Association, a member of SIPA (Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association) and one of the most sought after speaker for entrepreneurship, capital markets, derivatives and Alternative Investment.
He provides Derivatives workshop to senior corporate management teams, Broking Houses and Derivative Exchanges Members and conducts Stock Market Seminars to public audiences across Asia & Middle East. He has trained over 100,000++ participants in 10 countries (Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middleeast, Phillipines , London etc) in the area of alternative investments.

Some of his participants include professionals from ABN AMRO Bank, RHB Securities, AMEX, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Doha Bank, CIMB Securities, Manfinancial, REFCO, DBSVICKERS, CSFB, UOB Bank.

He was a CNBC-TV18 markets Anchor for a brief period. He also publishes an investment newsletter - Traders Alert, every week and trades his own account under his proprietary trading company - Futures Capital Holdings which has a performance of 99.05% return (2003-2004) and 233.13% return (2003-2005) attested & certified by auditors.

Why Silver is the best investment to date?

I have been following Mike Maloney since early 2009. I met him in Singapore when he and Robert Kiyosaki stopped by at The National Achiever's Conference 2009.

He's been advising the crowd to invest in silver. Here's why:

This is how the graph of Silver looks like since beginning of 2010.

Here's a tip for beginners. You can trade spot Silver at or with .

Making 40%  from Silver since 2010 using Kishore's Pip Maximizer technique,

Sivaraja A/L Muthusamy
Class of June 2008

Closely Guarded 100% Accuracry Forex Strategy

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free resources on forex trading


We would like to share with you some free resources on forex trading. Hope these links are useful for beginners.

How to trade with the MT4 platform:


Remember, free resources may just give you an overview on what forex trading is all about. However, not all free resources are useful to help you to be profitable. The reason is because free resources are just basic infomation. Usually, only paid resources will go in depth into profitable strategies. Once you are ready to pay for information, then it shows that you are really committed to learning real strategies. Some seasoned traders still subsribe to signals and paid membership sites to stay updated with the forex industry. The key is no trader is an island. It's always important to stay abreast with new strategies and to continuously learn about the forex industry.

To shorten one's learning curve, one can pay to associate with a live trading community such as Kishore M's Instant FX profits membership site.

To your trading success,

Johari Ahmad
Member of Kishore M's Instant FX profits since 2008

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Official launching of Forex Fortune Signal!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it right to be wrong?

Kathryn Schulz is a journalist, author, and public speaker with a credible (if not necessarily enviable) claim to being the world's leading wrongologist.  

Her freelance writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, TIME Magazine, the Boston Globe, the "Freakonomics" blog of The New York Times, The Nation, Foreign Policy, and the New York Times Book Review, among other publications. She is the former editor of the online environmental magazine Grist, and a former reporter and editor for The Santiago Times, of Santiago, Chile, where she covered environmental, labor, and human rights issues. 

She was a 2004 recipient of the Pew Fellowship in International Journalism (now the International Reporting Project), and has reported from throughout Central and South America, Japan, and, most recently, the Middle East. A graduate of Brown University and a former Ohioan, Oregonian and Brooklynite, she currently lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

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